How To Design A Commercial Kitchen

When it comes to the commercial kitchen which is the kitchen in cafes and restaurants, people think that it might be all messy with the chefs running here and there with the head chef guiding them and screaming at them, and all the food is messed up in the kitchen with a mixed smell of different foods, and people think that the dishes and other equipment might be breaking because of rush, hurry, and mess. Well, this can happen but not at every restaurant and cafes. The kitchen consultant in Sydney should be well organised and chefs should be dealing everything calmly without any hesitation and hurry because rush and hurry can make you bear loss because the work done in a hurry can be destroyed while the work done calmly will be smooth and perfect. However, no matter what the environment is, the kitchen should always be well designed to make it nicely organised. Following are some of the components of a kitchen; 

Washing area: 

The washing area of the commercial kitchen includes a sink, cleaning machines and drying machines. There should always be a separate section of the washing area and it should be designed near the entrance of the kitchen so that when waiters come with dirty dishes, they can directly put dirty dishes in the sink and move on with other work. Moreover, the clean dishes should be near the chefs so they can easily get access to clean dishes and put the food in them. There should always be more than one sink in a commercial kitchen to keep the work running without stopping. 

Food Storage: 

After washing area, there comes a food storage area. The food storage area contains a fridge where meat and vegetables are stored and there should be one more part in that area where the dry food and disposable products are kept. 

Preparing area: 

After the food storage area, there should be a section where the food is prepared. Note that the cooking is different and preparing is different. Preparing of food includes cutting of the foods such as vegetables, meat etc so it should be after food storage area so that the staff hired for food preparation can easily get food from the food storage area. 

Cooking area: 

After the above section, now comes a cooking area and it should be near the section where the food is being prepared so the chefs can easily get the prepared food and cook it instantly. Now in the cooking area, there should be different sections such as baking section, frying section etc so that the work is done efficiently and effectively. 

Designing the kitchen is not an ordinary task. It requires a lot of practice, experience and professionalism so you should always get it designed by the experts. 3D Kitchen Design in Sydney is the company that has one of the best cafe kitchen designers who will design your kitchen in the modern and organised way.