Steel – The Building Block Of Architecture

Steel is a versatile material which is the building block of modern architecture. It is used in a wide variety of different infrastructure, from humble houses to large scale bridges. It is used in various shapes and forms such as cables, rods, hollow sections, I beam, H columns and even in steel wires themselves. Cables of steel for structural applications are usually made from several steel wires that are wound together to form a thick cable. This means that there is a large amount of tensile strength that is present in the cables as it is made from the stands of various different individual cables. There is also a greater amount of redundancy when it comes to the structural cables themselves because there is an extremely low amount of chance that the steel wires which make up the cable will fail all at once.

Use of Steel in Different Infrastructure

Steel is also used in the creation of houses and replacement steel house stumps are also used in repair processes. This means that the structures that are made through steel are durable and can be repaired in case of failure. This allows for the structure to be repaired without causing the entire building to be demolished. As it can be imagined, this process of repairing individual parts of the house can be much cheaper than demolishing and repairing the entire house. So, there is a financial incentive as well when creating buildings that are made out of steel.

Steel structures are also much quicker to construct as the various components can be simply put into place and then bolted or welded together. This also has implications of sustainability as the bolted connections can simply be unbolted and then the steel components can be reused which means that there is a lower amount of carbon emissions that are associated over the lifespan of the material. This impact can be compounded over the case of many buildings, and in addition to the environmental benefits associated with the deconstruction of a project, there are also cost savings associated with it, as the material can be bought by people who intend to use it and therefore, will fetch a much greater price than the material that is being demolished.

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