Temp Agencies or Recruitment Agencies

Temping agencies, also referred to as Temp agencies are employee recruitment agencies that specialize in finding positions for prospective candidates searching a temporary work. These agencies also deal with the companies seeking candidates on a temporary basis.Being the channel of medium between the company and the employee, temp agencies are similar to employment agencies except the fact that temp agencies specifically find temporary contract based short term jobs. Companies often seek temporary staff to be employed on a project-by-project basis during busy times in the market.Such agencies are a help to those candidates, who are seeking work for a finite period of time.

 Today there are temp agencies that specialize in providing highly skilled contract workers in fields like medicine, technology, publishing and engineering. These agencies provide flexibility for both employers and employees.There are multiple advantages to employers who use temp agencies. The agency can drastically minimize the span of time and effort that must be invested in screening applications and interviewing job candidates. Imagine a company that recently got a contract to produce electronic components, but it’s a short-term 3 month contract. It could take weeks to advertise, find and hire qualified workers who are appropriate for the job, which is very inefficient. A temp agency allows the company to locate and hire the necessary workers in a comparatively lesser time.

 Temp agencies have their advantages for job seeking candidates as well. Submitting your resume to such agencies can give a worker access to numerous potential jobs, depending on his or her skills. It’s much easier and efficient than applying and giving interviews for multiple jobs. Some companies also use temp agencies to test out workers before offering them a full-time, permanent position. That means temp agencies can provide workers access to permanent jobs they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get. Although there is no such beforehand deal or claim by the temp agency that a temporary job will be upgraded to a permanent job, but in some circumstances, there is a potential for a company to convert a temporary role to a permanent one if it is agreed upon by both the parties.

 Freshly graduates with less experience find it very hard to seek a job, temp agencies allow them to have their chance to prove themselves and gain experience through the temporary jobs. Temporary jobs offer projects to the workers which have to be done accordingly, it is a way to gain experience in big organizations which later becomes very valuable for the permanent jobs throwing a strong working background to the companies having job vacancies. This is a complete solution for a newbie who needs job for experience and experience for job. provides best services for both temp and permanent recruitment.